Enterprise Solutions

control_room_2_bannerIMR Technologies providesincident alert solutions for companies and organisations in all sectors where vehicles are used. We are able to tailor our solutions and technology to the types of vehicles and the environment they are used in, including, mining, agriculture and transport. With low ongoing costs after the initial purchase of the equipment, we provide a focused, flexible and highly competitive incident awareness and management solution.


VET – our front end for enterprise solutions.

Utilising our VET technology we provide incident detection systems for all land-based vehicles. Our wide range of transmission technologies allows us to ensure complete coverage wherever the vehicle is.  VET AgAlert is our front end for non-urban enterprise solutions.



Our back-end solution, SafeGUARD™ provides real-time, standards-compliant monitoring of serious incidents. This includes incident time and location, incident telemetry, occupant and cargo status, ongoing vehicle status, and manual distress/alert. Triggering events and telemetry characteristics can be modified to suit the client’s requirements. This data is accessed through an intuitive and configurable web-based terminal.