psap_bannerSafeGUARD™ is the front end to our PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) system.  The system provides an intuitive and configurable terminal for the PSAP operator allowing easy control and communication with each incident under their control.

  • Platform independent back-end solution
  • Provides organisations with the ability to detect and located incidents on their own vehicles.
  • Provides detailed incident information including time, location and speed.
  • Data is kept only on the organisation’s machine, not our website

The current PSAP supports:-

  • eCall and eCall PSAP MSD (Minimum set of Data) requirements.
  • Live situation updates from the incident.
  • Full audit trail of each incident  .
  • Tight integration with all VET products
  • Map of all incidents currently under the operator’s control, but the capability to drill down to a single event.
  • The ability to view the raw data feed received from the in-car device in XML.

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