VET AgLink

industry_bannerVET AgLink AgAlert is our solution for Agriculture and Heavy Industry.

Vehicle accidents are the major cause of death and injury in the agricultural sector.  VET SensaLink AgAlert is designed for non-car vehicles in both the agriculture and heavy industry sectors (tractors, diggers, quad bikes etc.). It derives from VET SensaLink (eCall), but with boosted cellular transmission/reception capability and battery life.

Key Benefits

  • A low cost solution
  • Machinery manufacturer independent
  • Fully autonomous system (no human input required)
  • Manual SOS capability
  • Uses GPS location technology
  • Long range cellular communications technology
  • Long battery life allowing several days of transmission.
  • Crash data recording option.
  • Will integrate with future IMR technology
  • Fire resistant internal enclosure
  • Backup Battery

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