Our Mission

At IMR Technologies, we are dedicated to saving lives through innovation by reducing the response time of emergency services. Our mission to do this has led to us to the development of safety-related telecommunications technology. Together with our mission to save lives, our core philosophy of “practical innovation”drives the team to continually improve our technology.

Our Beginning

IMR Technologies began its journey in 2011 in Perth, Western Australia, when it was founded by technology expert Martyn Gilbert and surgeon Adam Boyt. The two co-founders made the decision to work together to develop a product that could be used to save lives. Now, IMR Technologies in its 10th year of operation, operates globally with staff based in Perth, Australia and the United Kingdom.

As with all ideas, IMR Sentinel evolved from the need to solve a problem that shouldn’t exist.

The design began with Australia’s unique conditions in mind, but rapidly grew into a global solution. The cost of serious accidents can have a significant and profound impact on all of us, from the individual to the broader community. By reducing response times to as little as a minute, our devices can play a significant role in reducing this impact on all of us"

Martyn Gilbert

Co-Founder & Managing Director (UK)

Our Team

Company Profile

30+ years experience in Software and Hardware Engineering, Research and Medicine Experience across Defence, Telecommunications, Automotive Systems (Passenger and PTW), Mission Critical Systems and the Medical Industry

The Head Office is based in the United Kingdom and the Core Development team is based in Perth, Western Australia

A Grant from the Australian Federal Government (A$730k)

An Innovation Voucher by the Western Australia Government (A$25k)

Leadership Team

IMR Technologies’ senior leadership team is made up for representatives from management, engineering, business development and administration departments. The team works collaboratively to discuss projects, market updates and risk management.

Lorna, Martyn, Steven.

Our Partners


The type of people who fit our team. Hardware, software, management/administration and sales teams.

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