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The importance of eCall

As every second counts in the event of a serious crash, it is our mission to minimise the response time of emergency services. Car crash trauma victims who receive treatment within the first 60 minutes after a serious incident (The Golden Hour) have up to a 50% higher chance of survival and also a much lower rate of long-term disability.

In the event of a severe accident, how do you call for help with your mobile phone?

If your phone is destroyed?

If you are unsure of your exact location?

If the battery is flat?

If you have zero network coverage?

If you are unconscious?

If no one answers your call?

How IMR Sentinel Works


Automatic/manual alert triggered in case of a severe accident.


Exact GPS location is detected.


Location, accident and vehicle information are sent to emergency services.


Emergency services get a rescue team ready by understanding the accident’s details.


Emergency team reaches the site of the accident on time.

Key Features

1. Install

IMR Sentinel is easily installed to new vehicles or retrofitted aftermarket. It works in practically any make and model regardless of age.

2. Detect

Automatically detects when a vehicle accident occurs via on-board sensors and instantly sends an automatic distress signal to emergency services.

3. Alert

The exact GPS location and details about the accident are sent, telling emergency services what to expect ahead of time eg: rollover, fire, collision etc.

4. Save Lives

The human element in reporting accidents is removed, ensuring that victims can be reached quickly even if unconscious or incapacitated, saving lives.

Anytime. Anywhere. Any vehicle.

IMR Sentinel is designed to be easily retrofitted to any existing vehicle or installed at manufacture.

Built for reliability

Built from the ground up to be flexible, easy to configure, secure and rugged

Manual and automatic SOS alert to emergency numbers

Black Box crash data recording for 2-5 minutes before crash

Transmits via satellite and GSM/GPRS

Dead reckoning (location estimate if GPS signal loss)

Backup battery life with power management

Records and transmits location, vehicle, fire, immersion and details

Fully autonomous and can be installed in pre-CAN bus vehicles

eCall Vehicle Emergency System

6 lives a day.
42 lives a month.
2500 lives a year.

IMR Sentinel has been designed from the ground up to comply with eCall; the Pan-European cellular emergency system for motor vehicles. The EU has estimated that the introduction of the eCall directive will save 2,500 lives per year across the EU through faster response times. By knowing the exact location and time of an accident it is estimated that there will be a 50% reduction in response times in rural areas and 40% reduction in response times in urban areas throughout Europe. The EU has mandated that all new type of cars sold after March 2018 will require an eCall-compliant crash alert device.

Did you know?

150 lives per year

Would be saved in Australia if every vehicle had an IMR Sentinel onboard.

20% of crash victims

Are not reached by emergency services in time to prevent serious injury or death

7.5x more likely

For vehicle crashes in remote or regional areas without GSM coverage to be fatal

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