IMR Sentinel successfully survives 80 g-force sled eCall test

Test objective: For the IMR Sentinel eCall device to successfully trigger and survive the test pulse undamaged.

Test Method:

A test sled with a combined rigid mass of 1170kg was accelerated to a target of 80 g-force carrying the IMR Sentinel device rigidly mounted to the sled with a fabricated fixture. The sled was braked to achieve an acceleration pulse within the boundaries specified by EU regulation 2017/79 for eCall.

Test Results:

The IMR Sentinel devices sent a call to the specified telephone number when subjected to the acceleration pulse. The devices survived the test pulses undamaged.

Both internal and external tests have demonstrated the robustness and reliability of IMR Sentinel.

We look forward to continuing our work with vehicle manufacturers to meet their eCall requirements and ultimately and more importantly saving lives.